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An application for a licence to trade in firearms or ammunition on a commercial basis or independently as part of a commercial enterprise must be submitted to the firearms authority responsible for the place of business. It may be restricted to certain types of firearms and ammunition. The trade in firearms may also include lending, auctioning, hiring out, pledging, safekeeping or having transported. The permit is only issued to a natural person (sole proprietorship). In the case of legal entities, the responsible managing director or the individual personally liable partners each require a permit. If the arms trade is to be operated by a deputy or if a person is to be entrusted with the management of a branch or a dependent branch, then a deputy permit must be applied for. The permit expires if the activity has not been commenced within one year of the permit being granted or has not been exercised for one year. The time limits may be extended for special reasons.

Identity card or passport Proof of professional qualification (for persons who manage the business, a branch or a dependent branch themselves) Business registration Non-EU citizens: a residence permit entitling the holder to engage in self-employed gainful activity Proof of need for the granting of the arms trade permit Companies registered in the commercial register Extract from the Commercial Register Proof of the safe storage of weapons and ammunition by means of appropriate certificates or safety-related expert opinions

You are at least 18 years old. You have the required reliability. The required reliability requires above all that you have no criminal record. You have the personal suitability. The required personal suitability is not possessed, for example, by persons who are suspected of being legally incompetent, alcohol dependent or mentally ill. They have the necessary professional qualifications. You can obtain the required proof of specialist knowledge of the most important legal and firearms regulations, the type, construction and handling of common firearms and ammunition by taking an examination. The specialist knowledge is considered to be available if you fulfil the requirements for the registration of a gunsmith's business in the register of craftsmen. You prove the need for the granting of a firearms trade permit. You wish to engage in firearms trading commercially or independently as part of a commercial enterprise. Substitutes must meet the same requirements as you.
You must apply in writing for a firearms dealer's licence. The application, together with the required documents, must be submitted to the firearms authority responsible for the place of business. If you require a deputy during your absence, you must apply for a deputy permit for this person. As a rule, the applicant and the intended deputy must appear in person.

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