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In the Federal Republic of Germany, the name of a person is assessed in accordance with the private law provisions of the Civil Code. After that, name changes of a family law nature can be considered essentially: as a result of marriage or the establishment of a civil partnership, after acceptance as a child, after later justification of joint parental custody or extension of the parental name change to children, after being admitted to another marriage of a parent with custody, other declarations of the law of the name (e.g. after the dissolution of marriage). The provisions of private law on marriage, the determination of the parentage of a child, the naming of spouses and children, custody and adoption are regulated by the Civil Code. There are special arrangements for displaced persons, late emigrants and certain groups of persons, such as naturalized persons, who have acquired their name under the auspised foreign law, but are now subject to German law in this respect. They can adapt their names linguistically to the German environment by means of a so-called declaration of approximation. If the wish to have a particular name cannot be taken into account in accordance with the provisions of civil law, there is also the possibility of changing the name under the law on the change of surnames and first names under the law. This procedure for changing the name is exceptional in so far as it serves only to eliminate inconvenience in individual cases and thus to avoid particular hardships. The law can be applied to Germans and to stateless persons, homeless foreigners, foreign refugees and persons entitled to asylum who are resident in the Federal Republic of Germany. A change of the first or surname is only possible if there is an important reason, e.g. the previous name is offensive, looks ridiculous or is cause for frequent confusion.

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