Support for families with multiple children (from triplets) - Honorary sponsorship by the Hessian Prime Minister

The birth of multilings poses particular challenges for families: The care and supervision of infants and young children is usually difficult for the affected families to cope without support. In this way, additional resources can also help parents in this particular phase of their lives to cope with everyday life and to support the children. In this way, they can make small purchases or, if necessary, hire helpers in the period after birth for short-term relief.
In the event of multiple births (from triplebirths), the Prime Minister of the State of Hesse takes over the honorary sponsorship for children whose legal guardians have their main residence in Hesse at the time of birth and application. The Land of Hessen grants the family grants the following amount on the basis of sponsorship within the framework of the funds provided in the state budget:

  • in the first year of life 105.00 euro per month,
  • in the second year of life 50,00 Euro per month,
  • in the third year of life 50,00 Euro per month,
  • for the fourth birthday 155,00 Euro one-time,
  • for the fifth birthday 155,00 Euro one-time,
  • for the sixth birthday 155.00 Euro one-time and
  • for one-time enrollment 155.00 Euro.

These are voluntary state benefits. There is no legal claim to the grants and wider obligations arising from the honorary sponsorship.

  • Application form (if you specify the location under the "Forms" tab)
  • Birth certificates of the children
  • Proof of the main residence of the applicant and the children
  • Proof of the right of care for persons in the case of parents other than the biological parents
  • Proof of enrolment

Application for the Hessian Prime Minister to take over the honorary sponsorship in the case of multiple births (PDF)

Alternatively, you can submit the application online: .

After successful electronic transmission of the application data, you must print out the application form in full and send it signed to the relevant department.

What system requirements must be met in order to apply for funding online?

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Currently, the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems are supported.

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Do I need additional programs to apply for funding online?

To open PDF documents, you need special software, which is available free of charge. The best known is the PDF reader from Adobe (https://get ), but there are also alternative free products (Foxit PDF Reader, or Nitro Reader, ). After you install the software, you can open and view the PDF document.

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