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The gymnasium offer is aimed at intellectually gifted, powerful and willing students and prepares them for a visit to a university or for the world of work and work. It is tailored to the teaching of a broad and in-depth general education and also enables pupils to focus on their particular abilities and inclinations. The gymnasium course leads the students to the general university entrance qualification to the Abitur. In lower secondary education, it comprises grades 5 to 9 and 5 to 10, followed by a three-year upper secondary school (secondary level II). Thus, students at the grammar schools can reach the Abitur after eight years (G8) or the Abitur after nine years (G9). The gymnasiale course can also be completed at integrated and cooperative (school form-related) comprehensive schools. In the upper secondary school, the focus is on preparing for scientific work, which is why special emphasis is placed on independent work and learning. The first year of the upper secondary school (introduction phase) serves, among other things, to compensate for the different conditions that the students bring with them. Only the achievements of the second and third years of the upper secondary school (qualification phase) count for the Abitur. The Abitur examination consists of three written examinations (including the two performance courses) and two oral examination subjects. For one of the two oral examination subjects, a presentation examination or a special learning achievement may be chosen instead of an oral examination. Every student must be tested in German and Mathematics. After only two years in the upper secondary school, it is possible to acquire the school part of the university entrance qualification. A subsequent one-year professional or traineeship activity then leads to the final issuance of the certificate of university entrance qualification.

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