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Children with many different experiences and learning requirements come to primary school. Learning in primary school builds on children's individual learning needs and enables them to deepen and expand their knowledge and skills. Primary school as a common primary school of education comprises the first four grades. As a rule, children in Hesse come to school at the age of six, i.e. all children who are born up to and including 1 July and thus complete the sixth year of life by 30 June, are required to attend school on 1 August. Younger children, so-called can children, can be enrolled early at the request of their parents. The decision on admission is taken by the headteacher, taking into account a medical report. After a four-year period of primary school, the children in Hesse move to secondary school. The choice of education after primary school is in principle a matter for parents, who are supported in this decision mainly by the teachers of the primary schools.

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