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Music schools are educational institutions whose essential tasks are the provision of basic musical education, the training of young talents for amateur and lover music, the identification and promotion of the gifted, as well as the possible preparation of on a vocational course. Fees are levied for teaching at music schools and for the provision of musical instruments, as set out in music school fees. Information about the music schools in Hesse can be found e.g. on the websites of the Association of German Music Schools, State Association of Hesse Cooperation between general schools and music schools In Hesse, the cooperation of music schools with general education schools is particularly supported: Since the school year 2000/2001, the state of Hesse has been supporting cooperation projects of general schools and music schools at more than 30 Hessian locations, especially in classes 5 and 6. The projects are intended to give children in particular access to music making music, who, due to their home conditions, would hardly have the chance to attend a music school. Since the 2008/09 school year, 70 primary schools have also been participating in the pilot project "Every child an instrument" (JeKi Hessen). JeKi Hessen supports the purchase of instruments and instrumental lessons for children interested in music by music school teachers. For "musical primary schools", "schools with a focus on music" (secondary level I), "cultural schools Hessen" (secondary schools) and "schools with special musical support" (primary schools and secondary schools), cooperation with music schools is a essential element for the promotion of musical practice in general education schools. See also information in the education server Hessen (

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