In the event of a death, you, as a relative, have the duty to immediately notify a doctor who will carry out the mortuary inspection and issues the mortuary certificate. You must allow the doctor to enter land and rooms to carry out the mortuary inspection. The fundamental right to the inviolability of the dwelling is restricted in this respect.

The death must be notified to the registry office of the place where the death occurred no later than the third working day following death. The non-confidential part of the mortuary certificate must be handed over (see also death certificate). As a relative, you must arrange the burial, which should take place no earlier than 48 hours and no later than 96 hours after the death. There is the possibility of earth, fire or sea burial. The type of burial is determined by the will of the deceased person. If the will of the deceased person is not known, determine the type of burial as a member of the family.

Caring relatives
Custody relatives are the spouse or civil partner under the Civil Partnership Act, as well as children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and siblings, adoptive parents and children.

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