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A block on information in the population register is only entered under strict conditions. For this purpose, you must credibly prove that you or another person could be endangered in terms of life, health, personal freedom or similar interests worthy of protection as a result of information from the population register.

In order to have your information blocked, you must provide the local registration office with convincing reasons which clearly show that you or other persons are in danger. A check of your information must confirm the danger you cite.
It is recommended that you contact the relevant office before applying and find out whether a freeze can be considered in your case. The information block will be entered upon application. When submitting the application, you must state the facts and provide credible evidence as to why you may be at risk to life, health, personal liberty or similar interests worthy of protection if information is provided. The request can be made in writing or in person by visiting the authority. Your information will then be checked by the competent authority. If this check shows that the relevant requirements are met, a block on the provision of information will be noted in the population register for 2 years. This block applies to all types of information provided to private individuals and non-public bodies. The block only applies to the dwelling for which it was requested. You can have the information block extended after the time has expired.

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