Benefits under the Asylum Benefits Act (AsylbLG)

Asylum seekers in need receive immediate benefits for accommodation, nutrition, heating, clothing, health and personal care, as well as household use and consumables (necessary needs). In addition, there are benefits for pregnancy, illness and, if necessary, other possible life situations with increased financial needs. In addition, asylum seekers receive benefits to meet personal needs of daily life (necessary personal needs, so-called pocket money).

This regulates Section 3 of the Asylum BLG, distinguishing between the phase in which asylum seekers are housed in a first reception facility in the country and those in which they are housed in municipalities.

Section 3 (1) of the Asylum BLG: During accommodation in an initial reception facility, the necessary needs are met in the form of benefits in kind. The necessary personal needs should also be met as far as possible by benefits in kind.

Section 3 (2) of the Asylum BLG: When accommodation in a community accommodation or apartment in the municipalities, the necessary needs are usually covered by cash benefits this depends on the respective municipality. The necessary personal needs are provided as cash benefits. The primacy of benefits in kind no longer exists.

The amount of the cash rates and the value of benefits in kind are mainly based on the standard requirements of social assistance and unemployment benefit Il recipients (SGB II and XII) and are regularly adjusted according to a Constitutional Court ruling.

At the end of 15 months of stay, asylum seekers are in principle entitled to the same benefits as social assistance recipients under SGB XII they are called "analogue benefits" because they correspond to the benefits of SGB XII, i.e. they are analogous to them.

It should be noted, however, that income and assets that can be used up must be used up before benefits under the Asylum BLG enter.

Please bring your current document to the Immigration Department or the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).


The following persons are in principle entitled to receive benefits under the Asylum Benefits Act (AsylbLG):

Foreigners who are actually in The Federal Republic of Germany and who

1. have a residence permit in accordance with the Asylum Act;

2. wish to enter through an airport and who are not or are not yet allowed to enter the airport;

3. Have a residence permit

a) because of the war in their home country in accordance with Section 23 paragraph 1 or Section 24 of the Residence Act;

b) in accordance with Section 25 paragraph 4 sentence 1 of the Residence Act, or

(c) in accordance with Paragraph 25(5) of the Residence Act, provided that the decision to suspend their

deportation is not yet 18 months ago,

4. have a tolerance in accordance with Section 60a of the Residence Act,

5. are subject to the enforceable departure, even if a threat of deportation has not yet been made or no longer

is enforceable,

6. spouses, civil partners or minor children of the persons referred to in points 1 to 5;

without them themselves fulfilling the conditions set out therein, or

7. submit a follow-up application pursuant to Section 71 of the Asylum Act or a confirmatory application pursuant to Section 71a of the Asylum Act.

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An application to the local competent authority is mandatory.

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