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According to the Animal Health Act, you must immediately report certain animal health epidemics. This should enable epidemics to be detected and combated in good time so that they do not spread further. Tip: The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture provides you with a list of animal health conditions that are subject to notification. You must not only report the outbreak of an epidemic, but also the suspicion of an outbreak. According to the Animal Health Act, you must report an animal disease if you the keeper of the animal are represent the holder or the holder temporarily supervise the animal professionally related to animals, for example Livestock workers, livestock transporters fish farmers, Hoof smiths and claw keepers, Employees in hunting, fishing or hunting, with the exercise of veterinary medicine employees Heads of an investigation body or Persons artificially inseminating animals, checking their performance, neutering animals slaughtering on a commercial basis Attention: You commit an administrative offence if you do not immediately report or even conceal the suspicion of an animal disease. Animal disease can then spread, for example, through animal trafficking or people. In this case, you will face a fine of up to €30,000.00. In addition, you will not be paid compensation for your own animal losses.

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You can receive compensation under the Animal Health Act for animal loss caused by animal disease. Further information can be found in the service description "Apply for compensation with the Animal Health Fund".
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You must immediately report the animal disease or your suspicions of an outbreak of an animal disease. Notify the competent veterinary office by phone or in person. The display can be informal. Provide information on: suspected disease symptoms that appear Species, number, location and form of keeping of animals Owner or owner of the animals possibly: Neighbouring stocks affected Measures you have taken the animals were sold or sold if necessary, keeping other animal species They must do everything possible to prevent the spread of the disease: for example, they must keep the sick and suspicious animals away from places where there is a risk of infection of foreign animals. The competent veterinary office will follow up your suspicions. It shall first order that the sick and suspicious animals be separated from other susceptible animals and, if necessary, locked up. The number of people and vehicle traffic on your farm will be restricted. If the suspicion of an animal disease is confirmed, the competent veterinary office shall take the necessary countermeasures. These can be, for example, the examination, quarantine or killing of the animals.

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