Hunting licence Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In order to be allowed to hunt in Hesse, one has to: owner /in a valid hunting licence as well as be entitled to hunt in a hunting district. With the official hunting licence, the hunter can prove the expertise as well as the basic permission to pursue the hunt.

When applying for the hunting licence, the following must be brought along: a valid identity document, current/s passport picture/er - please inquire in advance with the competent hunting authority how many passport pictures are required the certificate of successful examination of the hunter test, confirmation of a completed, sufficient hunting liability (€500,000 for personal injury, €50,000 for property damage), and Means of payment for the administration fee and the hunting levy. A review of the reliability of weapons law must continue to take place before a hunting licence is issued. Foreign hunting licences can be issued on the basis of special regulations without proof of a passed hunter examination. In order to issue a foreign hunting licence, the expertise must be demonstrated by, for example, the presentation of a foreign hunting licence. Youth hunting licences can be issued to young people between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

Are generally available from the lower hunting authority.

Prerequisites for the issue of an (annual or three-year) hunting licence are: that the applicant has reached the age of 16, the applicant proves that a hunter's examination has been passed, appropriate hunting liability insurance in accordance with Section 17 (1) No. 4 of the Federal Hunting Act and that there are no grounds for refusal, such as lack of physical fitness or reliability, against the applicant.

When issuing a hunting licence valid in Germany to foreigners, special provisions apply, about which the lower hunting authority provides information in individual cases. Between the ages of 16 and 18, a so-called youth hunting licence is issued. This entitles the person to carry out hunting in the company of a legal guardian or an authorised supervisor. The accompanying person must have hunting experience. Participation in social hunts as a shooter is not possible.
In order to obtain a hunting licence in Hesse, one must apply for the exhibition at the competent lower hunting authority at the Landratsamt or the magistrate for district-free cities.