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All wild animals living in Germany are basically without a lord, i.e. they do not belong to anyone. However, every landowner is in principle entitled to the so-called hunting right on his land. Hunting law is the exclusive power to have, hunt and acquire, wild animals subject to hunting law in a particular area. The right of appropriation means, among other things, the right to use and sell the meat, but also the collection of drop rods and bird eggs. Anyone who unjustly acquires wild animals or parts of them is liable to prosecution. The right to hunt is to be distinguished from the right to hunt. The right to hunt alone makes it possible to exercise the right to hunt and to exercise hunting. The right to hunt may only be exercised by its holder if he holds a hunting licence and owns contiguous land with agricultural, forestry or fishing use of more than 75 ha (own hunting district). In addition to the self-hunting districts, there are communal hunting districts with a minimum size of 200 ha or more, in which the hunting cooperative is entitled to practise hunting. The hunting cooperative consists of the owners of the land belonging to a common hunting area and on which hunting can be carried out. The hunting cooperative usually uses hunting by leasing the hunting law. The right to hunt is also associated with the obligation to hege. The Aim of the Hege is to maintain a species-rich and healthy wild population adapted to the landscape and cultural conditions, as well as to maintain and secure its livelihoods. Hunting and hunting must be carried out in such a way that the diversity of wild animals and plants is preserved. sufficient habitat is available to all occurring species. Endangered animal and plant species are protected and promoted. the habitat of the game is promoted and protected against impairment, the wild population is adapted to the possibilities and limits of the habitat and hunting is carried out in such a way that no avoidable pain or suffering is inflicted on the game. all determinations are made in such a way that a compatible coexistence of the land, forest and game and a corresponding balance of interests take place. In addition to the density of the game, increased damage to the game can occur as a result of constant disturbances due to recreational traffic, tourism, sporting activities and improper hunting. The calm factor is therefore crucial for the reduction of damage. Therefore, certain areas can be declared wild rest zones.

Federal Hunting Act Hessian Hunting Act (HJagdG)

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