Fishermen's examination

In the case of the release of the first fishing licence (see fishing licence), a pass fishing test is generally required. This examination shall include sufficient knowledge of fish species, the management of fish stocks and the maintenance of fish waters, fishing gear and their use, the treatment of fish caught and the protection of fisheries, animal welfare and nature conservation legislation. to prove the rules. The Hessian Fisherman's Examination is equivalent to state or state-recognised fisherman's examinations in the other federal states.

Among other things, the following are exempt from the examination of fishermen:

  1. young people, when they buy a youth fishing licence,
  2. professionally trained fishermen with appropriate final or master examinations as well as persons trained to do so,
  3. Persons who are scientifically trained in the field of fisheries,
  4. Persons who are not domiciled in Germany or who are members of the Diplomatic Corps and who hold a foreign fishing certificate.

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