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Vaccination provides protection against contagious diseases. The Standing Vaccination Commission at the Robert Koch Institute (STIKO) issues recommendations once a year on which vaccinations are useful in general and for whom in particular. StIKO's recommendations are considered to be scientific standard. There is no obligation to vaccinate in Germany. After basic immunization, usually in infancy or infancy, many vaccinations must be given regular vaccinations in order to maintain vaccination protection. Some vaccinations are also recommended for specific occupational groups or groups of people, e.g. pregnant women.

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The prerequisites for vaccination are: Examination of the individual necessity of each vaccination appropriate state of health of the person to be vaccinated

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For vaccinations and consultations, contact your family doctor or your child's paediatrician, and for consultations, contact the health authority responsible for you. Some health boards also carry out vaccinations themselves. Tip: On the website of the Robert Koch Institute you will find the recommendations of the Standing Vaccination Commission with the vaccinations that infants, toddlers, adolescents and adults should receive. You will also find a table of indication and booster vaccinations. The recommendations are explained by justifications and communications. Further information on vaccination can be found on the pages of the Federal Centre for Health Education at You can find out which vaccinations are important for travellers on the website of the Foreign Office. Vaccinations carried out are entered in a yellow vaccination passport. The vaccination passport is available from your GP or paediatrician.  

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