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Anyone moving into an apartment must register with the registration office within two weeks of moving in.

When you move into an apartment, you must register with the registration office.

If you are under 16, registration is the responsibility of those into whose home you are moving. Newborns born in Germany are only to be registered if they are taken into a dwelling other than that of their parents or mother. If you are of age and a guardian or custodian has been appointed for you who can determine your residence, he or she is responsible for registration.

If you have more than one home in the country, one of these homes is your principal home.

The main residence is:

  • if you are married or living in a civil partnership: the dwelling predominantly used by the family or the civil partnership. This also applies if you are only temporarily living apart from your family or civil partner.
  • if you are married or in a civil partnership and live permanently separated: Your predominantly used home.
  • if you are a minor: the main home of your parents or foster parents. If they live separately, the main residence is the residence in which you mainly live.
  • Only if the predominantly used dwelling cannot be determined beyond doubt, the focus of the living relations is to be taken into account. This may be based on the type of dwelling, personal ties, social and local political activities, and membership of clubs and other organisations.

Each time you register, you must inform the registration office whether you have other residences in Germany and, if so, which of these residences is your main residence.
When registering with the registration office, you must submit a written confirmation from your landlord or a person appointed by him (confirmation of landlord). Your landlord or a person appointed by him/her can also confirm your move-in directly to the registration office.

The confirmation of the landlord must contain the following data:

  1. Name and address of the housing provider and if the housing provider is not the owner, also the name of the owner,
  2. the date of moving in,
  3. address of the dwelling as well as
  4. the names of the persons who are required to register in accordance with § 17 Paragraph 1 of the Federal Registration Act (BMG).

For the registration you have to fill in and sign a registration form.
You will receive a written or electronic confirmation of your registration (official registration confirmation) free of charge.

If you do not want your personal data to be passed on for certain reasons, you have the possibility in some cases to object to the passing on of your data. If the relevant requirements are met, it may also be possible to apply for a block on information and transmission.

  • Registration form (may be provided by the municipalities for download or also pre-filled)
  • Identity card and/or passport as proof of identity and for changing the apartment details
  • Confirmation of housing provider or corresponding assignment feature

The following data or documents are additionally required from

  • persons moving in from abroad: the last residential address in Germany (confirmation of registration, date of moving in and out)
  • persons under guardianship: written power of attorney or guardian's identity card
  • persons who cannot appear in person: written power of attorney and identification documents of the person to be registered

Spouses, life partners and family members with the same move-in data (move-in date as well as previous and current residences) should use one registration form together.
The competent authority may require the submission of further documents serving as proof of the information (for example, marriage certificate).

Some registration authorities offer forms on the Internet.

  • Online procedure possible: generally no
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: in principle yes

If the registration office of your new place of residence has opened Internet access for registration, you can register via this access by transmitting the required information and using a qualified electronic signature in accordance with the Digital Signature Act.


If you have moved into an apartment, you must register with the registration office within two weeks of moving in.

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The personal appearance at the responsible registration office is in principle obligatory.

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