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The dog tax is a local expense tax. It may be levied by the municipalities in accordance with municipal statutes for the keeping of dogs. If you keep a dog, you have to register it and pay dog tax. The obligation to notify is regulated in detail in the respective municipal statutes.

The owner of a dog is the one who has taken in a dog in the interest of its own members or in the interests of its household erinants. The municipal statutes regularly provide for an obligation to notify, when the dog is admitted to the household, in case of migration with a dog, care or custody of a dog for a period of more than 2 months.

The keeping of, for example, guide dogs for the blind or disabled, service dogs, herd-use dogs and dogs of forest staff and confirmed hunting supervisors may be exempt from tax. Please inquire about the exact details in your community. This does not apply if it is a dangerous dog.
Act on Municipal Taxes (KAG) in conjunction with the respective statutes of your municipality

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As a rule, you can register your dog in person by consultation or in writing to the competent authority. To register, you can use the "Registration for Dog Tax" form. This form can be obtained from your municipality or it is available for download on their website. Note: Please check with your congregation. After the dog has been registered, dog tax stamps are issued, which must be returned when the dog is deregistered. The dog control mark must be carried or attached to the collar.

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