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Slaughter is a slaughter outside commercial slaughterhouses, whereby the meat may be used exclusively in the owner's own household. Those who slaughter animals must have the necessary knowledge and skills. In the case of domestic slaughter, a declaration for the official ante-mortem inspection of ungulates kept as pets or farm deer shall be made only if the keeper has disturbed the general condition of the animal immediately before the intended slaughter. which is not due to an accident that occurred immediately beforehand. The official post-mortem examination, which must also be carried out in the case of domestic slaughter, shall be subject to bovine animals, pigs, sheep, goats and other hooves, horses and other solipeds, provided that their meat is intended for human consumption. In the case of rabbits, these studies may be avoided if no characteristics are found which make the meat appear to be of concern to humans. Wild game shall also be subjected to ante-mortem inspection.

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