Land rezoning

Land rezoning in Hesse is an important toolfor integrated rural development through measures

  • to improve the agricultural structure,
  • for village renewal,
  • for the natural development of waters,
  • for water retention,
  • to protect the soil and improve the microclimate,
  • for the protection of nature,
  • for landscape maintenance,
  • to improve leisure and recreation functions,
  • to improve (transport) infrastructure, as well as
  • for the conservation and development of cultural landscapes.

The reorganization of the land includes as a collective term

  • the five types of procedures under the Land Remediation Act (integral land clearing, company floor clearing, simplified land development procedure, accelerated merger and voluntary land swap),
  • the infrastructure measures adapted to the rural character,
  • land management and
  • SILEK.

Land clearing

The implementation of procedures in accordance with the Land Remediation Act serves the purpose of ensuring that a spatially agreed, regionally sensible, economically sensible and environmentally friendly use of land (land use) is based on conceptual requirements in socially acceptable and sustainable.

Infrastructure measures adapted to the rural character

In order to develop agricultural and tourist development potential in rural areas, infrastructure measures may be promoted outside procedures under the Land Remediation Act.

Land management

Land management supports the sustainable development of rural areas outside of standardised procedures through moderation, management and monitoring of processes.


SILEK is an integrated rural development concept limited to a spatial and thematic focus, the development of which can be promoted in advance of procedures in accordance with the Land Remediation Act. With the intensive participation of the population, opportunities for the area are analysed for a given space in a common process, development goals are identified and projects are initiated to strengthen the sustainable development capacity of the area.

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