Social compensation for rehabilitated SED victims

Have you suffered damage to your health as a way of unjustified deprivation of liberty or any other public measure which has served to pursue political proceedings, and has been taken as part of a rehabilitation procedure under the Administrative Rehabilitation Act (VwRehaG) or the Criminal Rehabilitation Act (StrRehaG) repealed or declared incompatible with the principles of a constitutional state?
Then, due to the health and economic consequences of this injury, you can receive care on request according to the aforementioned laws.

  • birth certificate, in the event of personal submission of the application, the identity card or passport,
  • Confirmation of reporting,
  • medical documents in your possession (e.g. expert opinions), if any,
  • if necessary, a power of attorney, the caregiver's card or a certificate of approval.

Information on other required documents can be found in the respective application form or ask the relevant authority.

Criminal Rehabilitation Act (StrRehaG)

Administrative Rehabilitation Act (VwRehaG)

Prisoner Assistance Act (HHG)

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