Voting rights certificate (support for a nomination) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In order to vote, there is a need for some popular support. Therefore, all electoral laws stipulate that in order to be eligible for election by voters, groups of voters and individual candidates who are not represented by a minimum number of Members in parliament or the body to be elected, a certain number of signatures of support must be submitted by citizens entitled to vote in order to be eligible to vote. Required for European elections 2,000 for a state list and 4,000 for a federal list Bundestag elections 200 for a constituency nomination and 2,000 for a Land list State elections 50 for a constituency nomination and 1,000 for a Land list Direct elections twice as many signatures as seats in the municipal council or in the district council The signatures of support shall be provided in person and by hand on official forms issued by the competent electoral authorities on request to the nominees. Each person entitled to vote may support only one nomination with his signature. For each supporter, his or her right to vote must be confirmed by the municipality responsible for his main residence. The electoral law certificate is normally issued on the same form as the signature of support was provided; it is free of charge. For more information: