Parking card for residents (resident parking privileges)

The arrangement of residents' parking rights usually takes place where, due to the lack of private parking space and due to considerable general parking pressure, the population of the urban district regularly does not have sufficient opportunity to walk on a local basis. reasonable distance from their home to find a parking space for their motor vehicle.

Resident parking cards are issued on request. Each resident receives only one resident parking card for a motor vehicle registered to him/her or demonstrably used by him/her permanently.

  • Valid identity card or passport; in addition, an up-to-date registration certificate on presentation of the passport
  • Registration certificate I (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Certificate of use if you are not the vehicle owner

If you hire a third party, they will also need a written authorisation from you. He must also present your identity document (original) to the Road Traffic Authority. He must be able to identify himself with his valid identity card/passport.

However, some towns or municipalities also allow written or even electronic applications. In these cases, you will receive the parking card. If you want to choose one of these routes, first ask your local authority what documents need to be sent.


The issue of a resident parking card may be applied for if the following conditions are met and can be proven:

  • the main residence is registered in the resident park area,
  • the apartment is inhabited by itself and
  • the vehicle must be registered with the applicant or used by the applicant on a permanent basis (proof by a confirmation from the vehicle owner that the vehicle has been left for permanent use).

Some towns and cities require additional requirements for the issue of a resident parking card, e.g. a lack of a garage. If in doubt, you should ask the competent road traffic authority.


Members of car-sharing organisations can also receive a resident parking card. Details should be provided to the competent road authority.

  • Section 45 of the Road Traffic Order (StVO)
  • Charging rules for road transport measures (GebOSt); Appendix to Section 1 GebOSt , Fee No. 265

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