Motor vehicles: wild accidents

Many people rarely see wild animals. Unfortunately, often in the context of a wild accident involving a car. The following describes the correct course of action in the event of such an accident.

To claim a wild accident with your insurance company, you need a wild accident certificate. You will receive this from the police or the additional hunter-hunting officer.


For partially or fully insured persons, the insurance covers the damage to the vehicle. The prerequisite is that the wild accident has been proven. For this purpose, the forestry offices and the police issue appropriate certificates.

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  • Drive at an adjusted speed, especially at dawn or dusk or at night!
  • If a wild animal suddenly appears in front of your car on the road, don't put your own health at risk! Avoid full braking, high beam and try not to dodge. Go straight and brake appropriately.
  • If there is a collision, check yourself first and, if necessary, Your fellow passengers on integrity. Then secure the accident site (warning triangle about 100m from the site of the accident).
  • You are obliged to report any wild accident to the local police department. This shall inform the competent hunter-hunting officer.
  • If the animal is injured after the collision, stay away from it ! Supposed help from well-intentioned animal love only leads to further stress for the animal, injured animals can defend themselves and hurt you. If the animal has already died, remove it from the road. The unauthorised appropriation of accidental game fulfils the crime of poaching!

Be sure to stay at the scene of the accident until the police or the person entitled to hunt arrives. Since you are an eyewitness to the accident, you can provide information that is very important for the animal's animal to be treated in a way that is likely to be affected. In addition, the personal injury or vehicle damage can be determined, which is important for the wildlife accident certificate.

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