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Anyone who trains persons who wish to obtain a licence to drive motor vehicles (driving students) must obtain a driving licence. The driving licence is issued on request in class BE and additionally in classes A, CE and DE. Applicants for the driving licence of class BE will first receive a temporary driving licence. The driving licence may only be used together with the driving school permit or in the context of an employment or training relationship with the holder of a driving school.

Forms for the application for a driving licence can be found on the website of the licensing authorities: The applicant shall indicate in the application the category of motor vehicles for which he intends to obtain a driving licence. The application shall be attached to: official proof of the place and day of birth, a CV, a medical certificate of mental and physical aptitude (the licensing authority may also provide a medical certificate or an expert opinion of an officially recognised assessment body for suitability for driving on mental and physical aptitude demand), an officially certified copy of the driving licence (the original driving licence may also be presented for inspection), Documents on driving practice, proof of the formation. In addition, the applicant must apply for a certificate of management for submission to the licensing authority. The following documents must be submitted only after completion of the training: a certificate from the officially recognised driving instructor training centre for the duration of the training carried out, with the application for the permanent driving licence of class BE, a certificate of the training driving school on the duration of the training carried out and the report booklet.

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The driving licence is issued if the applicant is at least 22 years old, is mentally, physically and professionally appropriate and there are no facts that make him appear unreliable for the driving instructor profession, has at least completed vocational training in a recognised apprenticeship after completing secondary education or equivalent prior education, the driving licence of categories A2, BE and CE and, if the driving licence is to be issued for category A or class DE, also has a category A or class DE driving licence (a driving licence on probation is not sufficient), has sufficient driving practice on motor vehicles of the category for which the driving licence is to be issued (it is sufficient for the applicant for the driving licence of classes BE and DE to have sufficient driving practice on motor vehicles of categories B and D has to do so). has been trained as a driving instructor within the last 3 years, has demonstrated professional competence in an examination, and has the knowledge of the German language necessary for the pursuit of the profession.

Persons who already have a service driving licence (the Bundeswehr or the police) can obtain a general driving instruction permit under simplified conditions. Persons who have acquired a right to train driving students in an EU or EEA country or in Switzerland may be granted a driving licence under simplified conditions (Sections 2a and 3a Of the FahrlG).