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The establishment of a will or inheritance contract makes sense when greater values are at stake, the succession of a commercial enterprise has to be regulated or a distribution of the estate among a large number of legal heirs is avoided. should. A will can be established before a notary, then one speaks of a public will. Or it is written and signed by hand, then it is a hand-written will. The special official custody of wills and inheritance contracts at the Probate Court is intended to ensure their safe storage until death and their quick discovery after the death of the deceased. Notarial wills are given directly by the decerating notary at the probate court in special official custody. The place of storage for hand-handed wills is freely chosen by the deceased. In order to secure the find, the deceased may also opt for special official custody at a probate court. Inheritance contracts may be placed in special official custody or deposited with the notary. After the death of the deceased, any will that is not already in special official custody must be delivered immediately to the probate court. The probate court opens all orders of death as soon as it becomes aware of the death of the deceased. All parties to the proceedings shall be made aware of the contents of the death-related injunctions concerning them.

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