Inheritance liability

By accepting an inheritance, you enter the debtor position of the deceased as heir or heir. In principle, you are also liable with your own assets for the debts of the deceased. However, you can limit your liability to the estate by opening the probate insolvency proceedings or by managing the estate. This requires an application. The respective procedure separates the assets in your favour. They are only liable for the deceased's liabilities with the inheritance, but are then also no longer entitled to the inheritance. A further possibility of restriction arises from the so-called meagre objection of the heir. The condition is that the value of the estate is too small to cover the costs of probate insolvency proceedings. However, you may lose this limitation of liability if you do not comply with your obligation to establish an inventory (establishment of a list of all estate items and assets) within the time limit.

Section 1967 ff. Civil Code (BGB)