State blind money

The State Blind Money is a benefit granted by the State of Hesse, which is granted regardless of income or wealth. Under certain conditions, it is provided to civilly blind people, blind people equal and severely impaired people with vision. It is used to compensate for the additional expenses related to disability.

You can apply directly to the LWV Hessen for the grant of blind money in accordance with the Land Blind Money Act.
An ophthalmological certificate.

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In the case of higher additional expenses due to blindness, benefits of assistance for the blind can be claimed in accordance with Section 72 SGB XII in addition to the flat-rate national blind benefit. See also the keyword blind assistance/top-up benefit

  • Blindenhilfe/Aufstockungsleistung
  • SGB Zwölftes Buch (XII) - Sozialhilfe - § 72 Blindenhilfe

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