Social assistance benefits for different situations

People who cannot or cannot adequately secure their livelihood severable from their own resources and means are entitled to help for subsistence or basic security in old age or in the event of disability. There is a particular need in the case of illness, disability or special social difficulties for which the legislator has provided social assistance benefits where other social security institutions do not have to provide priority services (e.g. health insurance, German Pension Insurance, etc.). These benefits are also provided to persons who can still provide for their own livelihoods but are dependent on social assistance benefits because of a special need situation. The decisive factor then is whether they are entitled to finance income and wealth benefits. The legislator has provided for the following benefits in the Social Code XII (SGB XII) in addition to assistance for subsistence and basic insurance in old age or in the event of disability: Aids for health Integration assistance for disabled people Help for care Help to overcome particular social difficulties Help in other situations (e.g. help to keep the household, help for the elderly, reimbursement of funeral costs) The benefits of paragraphs 1, 3 (only for people over 65 years of age) and 4 and 5 are provided by the competent local social welfare office. The responsibility for integration assistance services for disabled people lies predominantly and that for care services (only for people under 65 years of age) with the Hessen State Welfare Association as a supra-local provider of social assistance. In addition, the State Welfare Association of Hesse is responsible for the provision of services of assistance for the blind in accordance with Section 72 SGB XII. Benefits of integration assistance for disabled people under the objective responsibility of the Hessen State Welfare Association include, in particular: Supervised living Accompanied living in host families Stationary living in a dormitory Benefits in semi-stationary facilities such as recognised workshops for disabled people Benefits for children and adolescents with physical or mental disabilities in foster families Aid for schooling for children with special educational needs Medical rehabilitation services in recognised rehabilitation facilities Benefits for participation in life in the community
Please contact the social welfare office or the department of the Hessen State Welfare Association by telephone for the documents to be brought. You will find a phone number when you enter your place of residence in the location search.

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