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Since the purchase of land is usually about significant values, a notary or notary must be called in to conclude the purchase contract, which brings the wishes of the parties into a legally sound form. After any requests for changes have been reconciled, the purchase contract must be notarized. However, it is often important and helpful to seek the help of a notary from the very beginning. Attention: The conclusion of a purchase agreement does not yet make you the owner of the property. Only with the release and registration in the land register the property passes into your property. Check with a notary or notary or lawyer about the possibilities of securing your interests up to the reclassification of ownership. Real estate transfer tax and registration in the land register For the registration of the land register, you need a certificate of safety from the tax office. For this purpose, the notary must first notify the tax office of the purchase of the land. You will then receive a notification of the amount of the real estate transfer tax. As a certificate of payment of the real estate transfer tax you will receive the safety certificate. At the end of the check-out, the registration in the land register See also

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