Building measurement (property register) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The property register contains the national and up-to-date proof of all land and buildings in Hesse that are important for real estate. Together with the Land Registry, it ensures the protection of property on land and confers it on transport and credit. If you, as the building owner, are rebuilding or modifying a building that is important for the property register, you are legally obliged to arrange a building measurement until the shell is completed. Which buildings are important for the property register is regulated in the Ordinance on the Execution of the Hessian Surveying and Geoinformation Act (HVGGAusfVO). Only by measuring the buildings in a timely manner will the property register be kept up-to-date and can meet the needs of citizens as well as the law, administration, economy, public safety, environmental and nature conservation.

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