Land division, division permit

Since 7.7.2018, the division of a plot of land which has been built on or whose development has been approved or which may be built on the basis of an exemption from permits requires the approval of the building inspectorate in accordance with Section 7 (1) sentence 1 of the Hessian Building Code (HBO).

Paragraph 7 (1), second sentence, first and second, HBO lays down exceptions in which the division does not require approval by the building inspectorate:

- if the division is carried out into administrative procedures under public law (e.g. transfer or expropriation procedures) or is involved in the division of the Confederation, the Land or a local authority to which the tasks of the lower building inspectorate are delegated, the division is not subject to authorisation.

- Furthermore, the division does not require approval by the building inspectorate if a surveying body pursuant to Section 15 (2) sentence 1 of the Hessian Surveying and Geoinformation Act (HVGG) of 6 September 2007 (GVBl. I p. 548), last amended by law of 3 May 2018 (GVBl. p. 82), which has certified the structural law safety of the division.

Further information on the division permit in accordance with Section 7 OF the HBO can also be found in the new building template decree (BVErl) of 13 June 2018 (StAnz. 788), amended by decree of 17 July 2018 (StAnz. 935) in Appendix 2 No. 18.

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