Neighbourhood Affairs (Construction Law) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A construction project may have an impact on the neighbouring plots of the building plot. For this reason, the Hessian Building Code as well as the Building Code and the Building Use Ordinance contain various regulations that also serve to protect the neighbours. These include, for example, the establishment of a development plan for the permitted use of construction by designating construction areas and the boundary distances for buildings and outbuildings under building regulations. In addition, there are regulations that give neighbours a special legal position in the building permit procedure. In this way, they can in certain cases inspect the building file. In addition to this public-law aspect, there is also the Hessian Neighbouring Law, which is associated with civil law. The building inspectorates are not authorised to examine civil claims or to provide legal information on them.

In order to obtain specific legal information or access to the file, a legitimate interest must be demonstrated. This may be: Proof of ownership (land register statement) Notarial sales contract Extract from the register of owners of the cadastral map factory Note: Tenants generally have no legitimate interest

See also brochure "Neighbouring Law" (Hessian Ministry of Justice).