Soundinsulation (passive) on federal and state roads Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Soundinsulation means protection against noise, including street noise. Homeowners and homeowners can take various soundproofing measures. One possible measure is passive sound insulation on federal and state roads. In the absence of active noise protection measures on the federal highway or state road, passive noise protection measures may be considered if the calculated assessment levels on newly built or substantially modified roads, the emission limits for noise prevention or on existing roads, the trigger values of noise remediation at the construction site. For living rooms, the relevant daily limit value applies and for dormitories the relevant night limit value applies. In the case of noise prevention, the claims arise from the planning approval decision. In structural facilities, rooms are protected, which are intended for the temporary stay of people. Non-vulnerable rooms include bathrooms, toilets, stairwells and corridors. Passive soundproofing measures are structural improvements to perimeter components (in particular windows, doors, shutter boxes, walls and roofs) of vulnerable rooms, which reduce the impact of traffic noise. For this purpose, the installation of soundproof windows is usually sufficient, in dormitories also ventilation devices. Reimbursements are possible for expenses incurred for necessary passive soundproofing measures on construction facilities, provided that the calculated assessment level at the building site exceeds the relevant emission limit value during the day (applies to living spaces) or at night (applies to for dormitories).

As different documents may be required, it is recommended that you contact the competent body in this regard.

In the case of voluntary noise remediation, the owner has to bear 25 percent of the costs for passive noise protection himself.

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