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In the first place, you will normally need a building permit to approve your construction project, unless the projects are exempted in accordance with Section 63 OF the HBO. For this purpose, a building application according to the specifications of the Hessian Building Code (HBO) must be submitted to the relevant building permit authority (city or municipality or district). With this building application, a real estate plan must be submitted, if necessary, in accordance with the Building Template Decree (BauVorlE). The property plan consists of a current extract from the property card, which should normally not be older than 2 years. The scale is generally 1:500. Smaller scales are only permitted if the presentation is sufficiently clear; they must not fall below 1:1,000. In addition to the building plot, the property plan must include the adjacent and other surrounding land, which is important for public policy assessment, as well as the adjacent public transport areas. The property plan shall be supplemented by the following information insofar as it is necessary for the assessment of the construction project: (a) standard registration of the construction project, indicating the external dimensions and the dimensions on the property; (b) The list of parcels and owners for the building plot and the neighbouring plots. It contains the name of the land in the land register and property register, as well as information on other properties of the land and the ownership of the property, (c) Comparison of the location of the building plot and the neighbouring plots. The object of the site comparison is a check whether all relevant structural installations are shown in the extract from the property map. Missing objects are recorded on site and transferred to the extract from the property map and (d) information on the altitude of the building plot in relation to a local reference point, where necessary with the official elevation reference system. The minimum scope of the supplementary information is set out in Table 2 on the Building Template Decree. In individual cases, the Building Inspectorate may request deviating or further information from this installation.