Building permit: Permit-free construction work Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The construction of buildings in building classes 1 - 3 (i.e. the raw floor of the common rooms is not more than 7 m above the surface of the site), residential buildings up to the high-rise boundary (the raw floor of the common rooms is no more than 22 m above the building surface) and outbuildings/annexes for these buildings, which are within the scope of a development plan, do not require planning permission if: the construction project does not contradict the determinations of the development plan no exceptions or exemptions are required, no deviations in structural regulations are required, the municipality has confirmed to the building authority that the development is secured, the client has appointed a draftsman in accordance with Section 57 of the Hessian Building Code (HBO), the proofof the stability of a person entitled to prove the stability has been prepared and the proofs of sound and thermal insulation are prepared by one/m of the person entitled to provide proof. Instead of an application for construction, in these cases it is only necessary that the client submits the draft in essence, with the exception of the structural evidence. For more information, see the building template decree. The structural evidence must be available before the respective construction phases are carried out. Since no building permit is granted, the building authority is solely responsible for complying with all the requirements that its construction project must meet. However, the building authority may require that a building permit procedure be carried out for the above-mentioned construction work. Detailed explanations/requirements for freedom of approval can be found under section 64 HBO. Smaller, less significant construction facilities listed in the annex to Section 63 of the HBO do not require planning permission under certain conditions.

The necessary documents are submitted to the competent municipal or municipal administration and at the same time to the responsible building inspectorate. The required forms as well as further information and information can be obtained from your competent building inspectorate or on the website of the Hessian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Regional Development under "Building and Housing" The tasks of the lower building inspectorates are carried out by all counties, district-free and special status cities.

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