Pre-request for construction Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Before submitting a building application, you can apply to the building administration for a binding decision on individual issues to be examined in the building permit procedure and whether the intended project is subject to the public law regulations. All matters that are examined in the building permit procedure may be the subject of a preliminary construction request. A preliminary planning request is usually useful if individual questions of the construction project are unclear, or if it is to be clarified whether a plot of land can be built at all in accordance with the applicable building planning law. A preliminary construction request can save financial expenses, as not all the documents required for a building permit are necessary and the scope of the test is limited to the specific questions. In addition, the client receives early assurance about the buildability of a plot of land. The preliminary decision is valid for 3 years and binds the building administration for this period, insofar as the content statements in the preliminary decision do not deviate in principle. An extension of the preliminary decision is possible on request.

A preliminary building request must be attached to the building templates required to answer the respective questions (Annex 2, No. 15 to the Building Template Decree). The form BAB 01 is to be used. The details of the submitted building templates are regulated by the building template decree. (Section 66 (2) i.V. m. 60 sec. 2 sentence 4 HBO). Both the form and the building template decree are listed on the homepage of the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development (under Building / Housing > Building Law > Building Regulations Law > Building Template Decree, Forms). I.d.R. should be accompanied by a property plan or extract from the map and the description of the project. The exact documents depend on the specific pre-construction request.

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