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With the ELSTER (ELektronische STeuerERklärung) procedure, the tax administrations of the Länder and the federal government have created the possibility for citizens to submit the tax returns electronically to the tax administration. Under, tax returns, objections, requests for an extension of the deadline or adjustment of advance payments can be prepared online and transmitted to the tax office. regardless of the operating system that is installed on your computer. Employers can also send the data on payroll tax certificate data electronically and retrieve the electronic payroll tax deduction characteristics (ELStAM) of their employees. Employees can call up their personal ELStAM under Your advantages: less paper, extensive renunciation of documents, electronic receipt retrieval for the "pre-filled tax return" electronic communication data transmission, Adoption of the previous year's data, Checking the declared data for formal errors, Calculation of the expected tax, secure transmission of tax data, Avoidance of transmission errors, fewer inquiries by the tax office, electronic collection of communication data (optional), automatic communication data matching, Functions to support users with low vision. For more information about ELSTER, see

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The tax procedure requires different forms for tax returns, tax declarations or applications and certificates, which depend on the different types of tax.

If you transmit the data authenticated (with certificate), the submission of a paper printout of the income tax return to the tax office is waived. To do this, you must register under Afterwards, you will receive the necessary certificate free of charge either on your computer (software certificate), on the ELSTER stick or it will be read from it when using your signature card. Use the certificate when sending your tax return data electronically, replace your signature and ensure authentication of the data transferr. Since 2014, you can participate in the document retrieval for the "Prefilled Tax Return". Upon request, the tax administration shall provide you with all electronically stored notifications (health and care insurance notices, pension subscription notices, electronic payroll tax certificates, pension expenses; contributions for capital gains benefits as well as wage replacement benefits) which you can call up under and enter directly into your tax return. The possibility of electronic receipt retrieval for the "pre-filled tax return" together with the certificate in many cases enables the paperless tax return.

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