Melderegisterauskunft - Erteilung Gruppenauskunft Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Sie möchten eine Melderegisterauskunft über eine Vielzahl nicht namentlich bezeichneter Personen (Gruppenauskunft) erhalten? Dann muss dies im öffentlichen Interesse liegen.

You will only receive information from the civil register about a large number of persons not named by name (group information) if this is in the public interest.

You can freely compile the groups of persons with selected data. The following data is available for this purpose

  • Date of birth,
  • sex,
  • current nationality,
  • current addresses,
  • date of moving in and moving out as well as
  • Marital status with the indication whether single, married, divorced, widowed, living in a civil partnership, civil partnership terminated or civil partner deceased.

In addition to the membership of the group you have compiled, you may be informed of your first name and surname, degree of doctorate, age, sex, nationality, current address and legal representatives with their first name and surname and address.

  • ggf. Nachweise für das innerstaatliche öffentliche Interesse

In der Regel ist ein formloser Antrag nötig.


The information must be in the national public interest. This is understood to mean the interest of the general public, which must be distinguished from the interest of individual persons or groups.

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