Melderegisterauskunft - Erteilung Selbstauskunft Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Sie können eine Melderegisterauskunft zu Ihrer Person gespeicherten Daten erhalten.

Upon request, you will receive information about the data stored about you in the population register.

The information includes:

  • the data stored about you in the population register,
  • the recipients of regular data transfers, as well as
  • the purposes and the legal basis
    • the storage and
    • the regular data transmissions.

Insofar as the data is transmitted by means of an automated retrieval procedure or an automated simple registration register information, you may, upon request, obtain information about

  • the types of data transmitted
  • as well as their recipients.

informal application

In der Regel ist ein formloser Antrag nötig.


You must submit an informal application to the registration office.


In exceptional cases regulated by law, information about stored data may be refused.

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  • § 10 Bundesmeldegesetz (BMG)
  • Ziffer 10 Allgemeine Verwaltungsvorschrift zur Durchführung des Bundesmeldegesetzes (BMGVwV)

You can apply for self-disclosure from the civil register in person or in writing at the competent office.
Some municipalities offer the possibility of requesting simple information from the civil register online.

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