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While you are still in receipt of housing benefit, you can submit a new application for higher housing benefit as an allowance towards your housing costs if your total income has decreased the number of household members to be taken into account has increased, or your rent or housing costs have increased. These changes may, but do not necessarily, result in an increase in housing benefit. You must apply for increased housing benefit at your local housing benefit office. When you do so, they will check the conditions for this entitlement. The increase in housing benefit takes effect from the date of the application. As a rule, it is not possible to increase the housing benefit retroactively.

You must enclose the following documents with your application for housing benefit: Proof of income (salary statement, pension statement, etc.), Rental contract or documents about the costs of the residential property you use, if you are its owner.

Conditions for an increase in housing allowance are: the reduction of income by more than 15%, an increase in the number of household members, an increase of more than 15 % in the rent or the burden of home ownership. These changes may or may not result in an increase in Housing Benefit. For details, please contact your local housing benefit office.

If your financial situation or your living circumstances have improved or changed, this may also lead to a reduction in housing benefit. You are therefore obliged to inform the housing benefit authority immediately of any changes that may lead to a reduction in housing benefit.
You can only get a higher housing allowance if you apply for an increase.

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