Erweiterte Melderegisterauskunft Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In order to receive extended information about specific individuals, you must credibly demonstrate a legitimate interest. You will receive information on surname, first name, doctoral degree, current addresses and, if the person is deceased, the reference to this. In addition, you will receive information on previous names, date and place of birth and, if the person was born abroad, also the state, marital status, limited to whether or not the person is married or in a civil partnership, current citizenship, previous addresses, date of moving in and moving out, surname and first names and address of the legal representative, surname and first names and address of the spouse or civil partner, date and place of death and, if the person died abroad, also the state. The registration office informs the person concerned immediately about the granting of the extended registration register information by stating your name as the person making the enquiry. You can prevent this from happening if you credibly demonstrate a legal interest here to the registration authority that the person concerned is not to be informed. A special reason is the assertion of legal claims

You must be able to credibly demonstrate a legitimate interest in the provision of information. The term "legitimate interest" includes any legal, economic or non-material interest that is deemed worthy of protection. The person you are looking for is clearly identified by the information you provide. No information block has been entered in the civil register and there are no indications that the person(s) sought or another person could be endangered by the provision of information for interests worthy of protection.

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