Parental contribution Childcare (determination and adoption) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The care of children in day care is usually an offer of public youth assistance. This means that the youth office of the district or the city is the contact person for both the guardians and the day mothers and fathers and is responsible, among other things, for the placement of a place for the child. For the care of a child in day care, the parents pay a monthly fee to the responsible youth office.

The responsible youth office of your district or your city will provide you with information on this.

Please contact the relevant Youth Office.

The contribution may be waived in whole or in part or accepted by the Youth Office if the burden cannot be expected of the parents and the child (Section 90 SGB VIII)
If you, as a guardian, would like a place to look after a day mother or father for your child, please contact the responsible youth office of your county or city. The Youth Office is helping to find a suitable place. The Youth Office sets a monthly contribution for the care of the child. The amount of the parental contribution is usually based on the scope of care. You as parents pay the fixed amount to the Youth Office.

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