Recognition of international teacher training qualifications Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Teacher training acquired in a Member State of the European Union or a non-European country can be equated with a Hessian teacher training qualification as part of a review procedure. The Hessian Teachers' Academy is responsible for the recognition of international teacher training qualifications. Recognition of teacher training qualifications from the European Union If you have completed at least three years of academic teacher training and have obtained a qualification for the profession as a teacher in your country of origin, you can apply for equality of your teacher training qualification in Hesse. in general or vocational schools. The aim is to recognise teaching qualifications from Member States of the European Union with the aim of equality with a Hessian teaching post. Recognition of non-European teacher training qualifications Those with a teacher training degree from a country outside the European Union can have it evaluated in Hesse by the Hessian Teachers' Academy. The evaluation of international teacher training certificates is based on the recommendations of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) at the Secretariat of the Permanent Conference of Ministers of Education of the Länder in Germany. The assessment of your teacher training is summarised in a certificate of recognition, which lists the studies or examination severable, if any. Required academic achievements must be provided at a Hessian university, the preparatory service at a Hessian study seminar, if you want to be recruited to the Hessian school service.

Good German skills The German language skills required for teaching are a prerequisite for the equality of a teacher training qualification from a European Member State. These can be proved by the Great German Language Diploma of the Goethe Institute (C2) or by a German examination at the Hessian Teachers' Academy (Exam Office Giessen).

Advice for applicants from another federal state when they are recruited to the Hessian school service If you have not passed your Second State Examination in Hesse or are already working in the school service of another federal state for an unlimited period of time, you will need a teacher's qualification if you are recruited to the Hessian School Service. Specialist teachers who have obtained a teaching qualification in another federal state must also have them recognised in Hesse. For more information:
The legal bases of the Land of Hessen for the equality of teacher training qualifications are based on directives of the European Parliament and the Council and their transposition into state law. Furthermore: Hessian Teacher Education Act (HLbG) Ordinance for the Implementation of the Hessian Teacher Education Act (HLbGDV) The currently valid versions can be found at

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