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Teacher training in Hesse Teacher training in Hesse is based on the different types of school. The legal basis for teacher training is the Hessian Teacher Training Act (HLbG). There after that there are the following teaching posts: Teacher training in primary schools, Teacher training in secondary schools and secondary schools, Teacher training at grammar schools, Teaching in vocational schools and Teaching position at special schools. The training for all teaching posts takes place at scientific or artistic colleges and in a 21-month preparatory service (referendariat) at study seminars and training schools. The scientific training ends with the first state examination, the pedagogical training ends with the second state examination for the teaching posts or an examination for the acquisition of teaching qualifications in technical subjects. A prerequisite for a teacher training course is usually the general university entrance qualification. Admission to the preparatory service is decided by the Hessian Teachers' Academy. Preparatory service (referendariat) In the preparatory service, the knowledge, skills and skills acquired during the course of study in technical, didactics and educational sciences are deepened and expanded in close relation to the teaching given. The pedagogical training takes place at study seminars, which are broken down by school form, as well as in training schools. A prerequisite for admission to the preparatory service is the first state examination for a teaching position or an examination recognised as equivalent by the Hessian Teachers' Academy. Those who have completed vocational training and additional qualifications, such as a master's examination or a final examination of a vocational qualification, may be admitted to the preparatory service for the acquisition of teaching qualifications in technical subjects. two-year technical school.

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Hessian Teacher Education Act (HLbG) Ordinance for the Implementation of the Hessian Teacher Education Act (HLbGDV)

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