Livestock farming: notification according to the Livestock Traffic Ordinance, the Bee Disease Regulation or the Fish Disease Regulation Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You must report the keeping of farm animals to the competent authority. This applies not only to commercial farming but also to hobby-only livestock and concerns the following animal species: Cattle Pigs Sheep Goats Soliped, Chickens Ducks Geese Pheasants Guinea nowl, Partridges Pigeons Turkeys Quail ratites, Gehegewild, Camellia, other clawed animals, private or commercial keeping of edible fish; The keeping of ornamental fish must be indicated only if there is a direct link between the water of that holding and natural waters Bees. Once the notification has been made, your company will receive a registration number.

Your ad must include the following information: Name Address Number of animals expected to be kept on an annual average (for bees: number of bee colonies) Type of use of animals Location (in the case of herds of migrant sheep, the company's registered office is considered to be the location) When displaying fish: Name, address Location and size of the plant Pond number Water supply Inflow quantity Fish species kept and their use

The very keeping of an animal of the above species is subject to notification. This applies regardless of whether it is a commercial animal husbandry or a hobby animal husbandry.

In the near future, the HVL will be replaced by the Hessian Animal Health Fund as the competent body for the display of livestock.
Section 26 (1) and Section 45 (1) Of the Ordinance on The Transport of Livestock (ViehVerkV) Section 1a (1) Bee Disease Ordinance (BienSeuchV) Section 3, 6 Fish Disease Ordinance (Fish Disease)

Download the form for the registration of livestock from the homepage of the HVL (Hessischer Verband für Leistungs- und Tierzucht e.V. ) and fill it out and return it to the HVL. In addition, animal husbandry must also be notified to the Hessian Animal Disease Fund. This can be done online at Finally, a notification of animal husbandry is required to the competent veterinary office of your county or your county-free city. This can be carried out informally by telephone, in writing or by e-mail.

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