Warning money procedure for traffic offences Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In the case of minor offences, it is possible to issue a warning with a warning fee of up to EUR 55.00 instead of a fine notice. The amount of the warning fee for traffic offences depends on the catalogue of fines applicable in Germany. In contrast to the fine notice, additional costs such as fees and expenses are not charged in the event of a warning. However, there is no right of the person concerned to the more cost-effective warning instead of a fine notice. The purpose of the warning is to avoid a formal administrative procedure, which will be followed by a fine notice. A warning will only take effect if the person concerned agrees to the warning and pays the warning fee within the specified period, usually 1 week. Warnings are not entered in the driving suitability register of the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg.

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The reference number of the warning procedure shall be indicated for all entries and payments.

A minor offence has been committed in breach of road traffic rules.
If the warning money is paid in full on time, the warning takes effect and the procedure is completed. The incident will no longer be pursued. A refund of the warning money is not possible. If the warning money is not paid, paid on time, not paid in full or if objections are raised, the warning will not take effect. Since the warning is at the same time the hearing in the context of the fine procedure, in the case of unpaid warning money or the assertion of objections, the fine procedure continues and ends with the fine notice. If a fine notice is issued, then, in contrast to the warning, additional costs (fees and expenses) will be incurred. These fees and expenses must be ordered by the person or persons concerned. In the event of non-compliance with traffic at rest (stop and parking offences), the holder of a motor vehicle must expect to issue a cost statement imposing the costs of the procedure, unless it can be established who the motor vehicle is has led.

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