Request reimbursement of the cancellations of fares for the free transport of severely disabled persons by public transport (local transport) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Severely disabled people who are significantly impaired or helpless or deaf due to their disability are transported free of charge by public transport. What is to be understood in this context as local transport is apparent from Section 147 (1) of the Social Code Ninth Book (SGB IX); see under "Legal basis". As a transport company, you can request reimbursement of the fare cancellations caused by the free transport of severely disabled people on the back of a percentage of the proven fare receipts. Reimbursement of the non-payment of fares is made on a regular basis according to a percentage fixed in a country-by-country manner. This is based on the ratio of persons entitled to travel to the disabled and the rest of the country's resident population. Note: Where an undertaking can prove by means of traffic counting that the ratio of passengers carried free of charge to other passengers (individual operating percentage) exceeds the nationally agreed flat-rate percentage by at least one third, the shown proportion above that third shall be reimbursed on request in addition to the amount resulting from the flat-rate percentage.

Application form with the required evidence

The current application documents are made available on the website of the Hessian Government Presidiums.

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A condition for the refund is that the entrepreneur has transported the persons entitled under Section 145 (1) SGB IX free of charge during the refund period (one calendar year each). This may also apply to accompanying persons, animals and objects to be transported free of charge.
You can submit your application for reimbursement of the cancellations of local transport in a simple copy to the local government office.

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