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The Hessian Environmental Information Act (HUIG) gives all interested citizens the right to obtain information on environmental issues from bodies that require information. This includes information from the following areas: Ground Water Air Landscape Biodiversity genetically modified organisms Energy Radiation and Noise interactions between these areas.


The Hessian Ministry of the Environment has drawn up a form to make it easier for applicants to submit requests for information under the Hessian Environmental Information Act (HUIG) to bodies subject to information. The form can be filled out interactively and then sent directly as an e-mail attachment to the relevant authorities.

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To obtain information, you must submit an application to an information-based body. In your application, you must explain exactly what information you are interested in. You must also explain how the information should be made available to you. This may be access to the file or information. If the requested information is already available in a publicly available form, the information-subject body may refer you to these sources. Note: You do not need to give reasons to have access to environmental information.

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