Apply for compensation from the Animal Disease Fund Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In certain cases, you will receive compensation from the Land and the Animal Health Fund for animal losses, e.g. for animal losses due to notifiable epidemics, official killings and damage resulting from official control measures. Compensation is governed by the provisions of the Animal Health Act. They may receive compensation for private, professional or commercial animals of the following species: Horses, donkeys, mules, mules Cattle (including bison, bison and water buffalo) Pigs Sheep Goats Poultry Gehegewild Bees and bumblebees Fish not kept for ornamental purposes The amount of compensation is based on the general value of the animal. This is the amount of money (excluding VAT) that you must spend to purchase an equivalent animal on the day of the damage. The basis is, for example, the prices of the livestock markets. The value of the animal does not change if the animal is ill, for example, suffers from an epidemic. The maximum rates per animal vary depending on the species. Fish shall be compensated if they are killed by official order in the event of exotic fish epidemics and if the other animal-scientific conditions are met.

For more details, please contact your competent veterinary office. In particular, at least: Claim for compensation Detection of the disease Documentation of animal loss

As owner or owner of the animals you must have indicated the correct number of animals when reporting them to the Animal Health Fund, you must have paid the contributions to the animal disease fund on time, you must have immediately reported the outbreak of the animal disease, you must not have violated any laws (e.g. bans on feeding certain substances) and you must not have known at the time of purchase of the animals that the animals are infected with an epidemic.
You must inform the Veterinary Office responsible for you immediately if you suspect an epidemic. Once you have complied with the animal health measures ordered, you can submit your application to the Veterinary Office. One such measure is, for example, the killing of individual animals or the entire herd. The Veterinary Office examines and processes the application in its final examination and submits it to the Animal Health Fund. The application form is also available for download on the website of the Animal Disease Fund.

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