Apply for aid to the Animal Disease Fund

As a pet owner, you can receive an allowance from the Hessian Animal Disease Fund. The aid is intended to reduce losses from animal disease.

In which cases the Animal Disease Fund grants aid is laid down in the System of Benefits. You can receive an allowance mainly for:

  • Damage caused by animal losses where you do not receive compensation
  • other damages according to official measures

You will only receive the aid for animals for which you have to pay contributions to the Animal Health Fund. Contributions are:

  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Beehives
  • Poultry

You can read the amount of the individual aids in the performance overview of the Hessian Animal Disease Fund.

Note: You will not receive any aid if you already receive compensation under the Animal Health Act for animal losses.

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  • Application for aid
  • Detection of the disease (disease)
  • Documentation of animal loss
  • Proof of damage minimisation

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As the owner or owner of the animals, you must

  • have indicated the correct number of animals when reporting them to the Animal Health Fund,
  • who have paid contributions to the animal disease fund on time,
  • have consulted a veterinarian or veterinarian in good time and notified the Veterinary Office of the outbreak of a disease/disease,
  • have the disease confirmed by a veterinarian (e.g. by an expert opinion or an examination report),
  • have documented the losses (e.g. through slaughter certificates) and
  • You must not have visibly neglected your duty of care.

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You must immediately inform the competent veterinary office and a veterinarian or veterinarian if you have any suspicion of an epidemic.

After obtaining all the necessary evidence, you can submit the completed application form of the Animal Health Fund to the Veterinary Office.

The Veterinary Office processes your application and forwards it to the Animal Health Fund.

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