Animal Welfare Officer: Appointment Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Before the activities listed below, the institution's institution, or the person responsible for the establishment, must appoint one or more animal welfare officers and notify the competent authority of the order: Vertebrates or cephalopods are bred, kept or used intended for use in animal experiments; (Note: Which interventions or treatments fall under "animal experiment" is determined by Section 7 paragraph 2 of the Animal Welfare Act); Vertebrates or cephalopods are bred, kept or used whose organs or tissues are intended for scientific use; Vertebrates are killed to use their organs or tissues for scientific purposes; Organs or tissues are taken from live vertebrates, in whole or in part, in order to transplant organs or tissues for purposes other than scientific purposes, to plant cultures or to examine isolated organs, tissues or cells.

Documents in German must be attached to the informal notification to prove that the requirements have been met: e.g. university degree, proof of the acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills in the field of experimental animals, information on the position (freedom of instruction) and powers of the animal welfare officers as well as their areas of responsibility, including the internal instruction or similar governing of this regulation.

(informal writing with attachments)

Animal welfare officers must meet the following requirements: They are free of instruction in the performance of their tasks, You have a degree in veterinary medicine, You are not responsible for keeping or breeding the animals in the facility at the same time, They have the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the tasks, They have the necessary reliability and They must not be simultaneously responsible for animal testing carried out by them themselves. Subject to paragraphs II and III, the competent authority may allow exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Animal welfare officers are obliged to carry out the following tasks: They must ensure compliance with regulations, conditions and conditions in the interests of animal welfare, they shall advise the establishment or holding and the persons concerned with the keeping of animals, in particular with regard to the welfare of the animals during the acquisition, accommodation and care and their medical treatment, they must comment on any application for approval of a project, they shall work within the company to ensure compliance, promotion and continuous optimisation of the implementation of the 3R principles (refinement, replacement, reduction) and to advise the persons involved in the conduct of animal experiments in this regard and they shall provide information on technical and scientific developments in their areas of responsibility through regular training and shall be continuously passed on to persons involved in the conduct of animal experiments. The position and powers of animal welfare officers shall be governed by statutes, internal instructions or in a similar form. Where several animal welfare officers are appointed, their areas of responsibility shall be defined.
The notification of the appointment of an animal welfare officer must be made in writing, signed and sent by post to the competent authority.

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